How Crypto Trading Has Evolved: Immediate Edge Trading App Test Case

Posted in Investing on January 23rd, 2024

Virtual currencies have gone through numerous phases since the day they arrived. Not only its demand has improved but also its overall value. The expansion of cryptocurrency is indeed tricky to comprehend as the market keeps varying. This article will help you know about how crypto trading has altered in 15 years. We will be using a well-known crypto trading app named Immediate Edge as an auxiliary testing tool.

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When virtual coins were newly formed, nobody was interested in them. And that is because people were not that familiar with it. There was a lot of dilemma and fear among the investors. Well, it usually happens when something new comes, especially in terms of investment. Investing in stock markets was well-known before virtual coins came. But after a while, people understood how beneficial virtual currencies can be. 

Crypto trading seems like a complicated investment process because it is a completely new technology for a lot of investors. Therefore, it is valuable to understand how it works and how it has changed in the last few years. 

How Virtual Currencies Expanded Since Their Creation? 

Trading in virtual currencies is now regarded as a brilliant source of investment. The returns you obtain are usually higher now and that is why more and more investors are joining the world of cryptocurrency. 

Crypto trading has gone through a brief period of expansion. If you are new to this type of trading, you must know the same in detail. It might assist you in making the right investment decision. 

First Creation

The first virtual currency was created in 2009. It was bitcoin, which is still popular in these times. In the same year, the first transaction was conducted through blockchain technology. That was how the use of virtual currencies started. 

Premature Years

Since crypto trading was a new type of investment, a lot of people hesitated to try it out. However, some tech enthusiasts and those who wanted to understand the entire technology began trading. The price of Bitcoin was also low and it was not acceptable to a lot of merchants. The early years are substantial because it was the time when people were getting familiar with this type of trading.

Appearance Of More Digital Coins

A question that most investors are curious about is when other virtual currencies arrived in the market. It started after two years of Bitcoin’s appearance. Charlie Lee introduced Litecoin as a new virtual currency. After that, more and more virtual currencies were created and supplied to the market. Some more traders seem to invest in them. But the number of investors was still low. 

In 2016, almost 1000 virtual currencies were created and supplied to the market. This gave new hope to those who were not interested earlier. Just after a year, the market cap also increased as it crossed $100 billion. It was a brilliant time for the investors. They earned pretty well with the increase in the value of virtual currencies they owned. 

Formation Of Exchanges And How Immediate Edge Integrates

The introduction of exchanges made the overall process of investing in virtual currencies more convenient. People get to understand the concept of these exchanges and how they work. With time, more exchanges were created that offered unique features to the investors. This is prevalent in today’s time too. Now, automation and integration with apps like Immediate Edge is also there so that everyone can easily trade. 

Every exchange offers a different method of trade. Therefore, it is highly recommended to first try out the platform before choosing it. You may never know what advanced features you might be getting with a particular one. 

A Substantial Rise In The Market

In 2019, the cryptocurrency market experienced a substantial rise in the market cap. It was around $300 billion. Many investors earned a huge amount because of this high increase. virtual currencies’ value increased as a result offering more to every trader. It was the same year that Facebook introduced its virtual currency named Libra. 

The next year, 2020 also became integral in the expansion of trading. There was a surprising increase in the market cap as it reached $1 trillion. That was when PayPal declared to accept virtual currencies and offered others to use them through their platform.    

Restrictions Changed

Virtual currencies became prominent with each passing year. This made many Governments adopt this type of trading by changing their regulations. The first country to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment was El Salvador. It happened in 2021. With this, more countries got inspired and altered their regulations to ease the process of trading. Some countries saw the boom of virtual currencies as a negative one, while others perceived it as a positive one. This constant shift of regulations will go on as years go by. 

A Perfect Future

Looking forward, it feels like virtual currencies have a long way to go. The way they experienced expansion is incredible. When the first one arrived, nobody thought that its future was going to be a great one. Well, it was hard to figure out whether this type of trading would be beneficial for investors or not. But currently, the picture seems a little bit clearer. The constant rise in the market cap changed the thinking of many people. They see virtual currencies as a highly suitable form of investment. 

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. This volatility is pervaded by both high-risk and high returns. That is something that makes the investors curious about investing in them. The process of trading has also become pretty straightforward with the formation of crypto exchanges. There will be more advanced features in them which might make trading even more convenient and accessible. All this makes the future of virtual trading pretty bright and we can hope for the best that is coming. 

Final Thoughts

Crypto trading began as something that didn’t have anything substantial to offer to investors. However, it has now become everything to most people. Trading in virtual currencies with apps like Immediate Edge has brilliant potential as they are becoming acceptable in the entire world. You can also think about it as your investment source after understanding the pros and cons.  

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