Who’s Richard

My name is Richard Swarbrick and I am a real estate agent from the sunny West Coast, in California. Having started out in the property business a few years back after several years of flitting from one job to another, I was determined to apply my philosophy – that whatever I have should work for me until I have some more – to my new business venture. Since the very first day when my career in real estate was launched I have never looked back, growing from strength to strength and moving into new areas such as trading, cryptocurries and investing.

It wasn’t always so. I was brought up in a modest household in which my father had to toil all the hours imaginable to bring home even a reasonable crust, while mom somehow juggled earning an income of her own with keeping the home tidy and in good order, and looking after the rest of us. Though I love and respect them both, I determined even as a small boy that I would not allow myself to struggle in the way that they had struggled. If I wanted that automobile I was going to have it.

Financial Security

Reaching financial security at such a relatively young age has been my lifetime’s ambition. But reaching that place has been no fairy tale, just a whole lot of hard work and a few decisions made intelligently. I remain forever mindful that, in business and finance, it is so much easier to lose everything than to make rapid gains.

Now that I’ve achieved my ambition, to attain total financial comfort at an early age, I want to teach others the secrets of my success. I want to demonstrate to young aspiring business people that there really isn’t anything to be frightened of, and that success is out there for anyone reaches out to grasp the opportunity.

That is why I have launched this new, interactive blog, about business and finance – so that others who follow the same paths as I myself have trod can have half a chance of matching my success.

Of course, I have a personal interest in the success of this venture too. The more visitors I get the more kudos the blog has and the more advertising space I can sell. Just like I say, in business everything should work for you.

But I want it to work for you too. Please use it as a valuable resource, to soak up all the information you need to help you to become successful in your line of business.

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