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I invite readers to send in guest posts to this blog for possible publication.  Any submissions should be addressed to

There are great benefits to be had from having your work appear on this already popular and growing website, with its dedicated readership overwhelmingly comprised of people with a specific interest in business, finance, real estate and investments. When you contribute to my blog, you are not casting your net randomly but rather you are addressing a targeted audience of visitors with a specific interest in your area of business.

A typical business and finance guest post would be in the region of about 500 words long, but there is always room for a little flexibility. The important thing is that it is on topic, interesting and not repetitive – as well as being well-written of course. Naturally I reserve the right to amend typos or clear factual inaccuracies in order to preserve the integrity of my website.

Every One’s a Winner

Visitors reading about your service or product will want to know more. When they do, expect them to come looking for your own website. Therefore placing a guest post here on this blog is likely to lead to an upsurge of interest and visits to your own site.

The point to stress is that when you write for my website and the content is useful and good, we both gain as a result. I get good quality content for my site and you get a whole new audience for your product or service. Every one’s a winner.

Keep It on Topic

As you would expect, I do insist that contributions are kept on subject. This is a business and finance blog, so it stands to reason that anything appearing in it should be related to that topic. Panda bears are cute, but if you want to write about them this really isn’t the place!

Within the general framework of that subject though the world, as the saying goes, is your oyster. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s the competing and conflicting styles of a team of talented authors which will keep this website interesting and give it the edge over its rivals. When you submit a guest post to my blog I want you to feel free to express yourself. Celebrate your own unique writing style rather than imitate somebody else’s.

Here is a list of topics on which I would be very happy to receive written contributions from guests:

  • Business
  • Career
  • Credits and Loans
  • Freelance
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Making Money
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Online Business
  • Personal Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement
  • Saving
  • Trading

The list is not exhaustive, but you’ll have got the idea. Business and finance cover a surprising range of interests, and it is my intention that my website will reflect them all.

Some Suggested Titles for Guest Posts

There is no end to the topics that you could cover or angles that you could take, but below I’ve listed just a few. Hopefully it will provide you with a little insight into the type of thing I am looking for:

  • Will You Have Enough for Your Retirement?
  • Why it Pays to Save
  • 10 Top Tips for Making Some Extra Money
  • Should You Take Out a Payday Loan?
  • What is Arbitrage?
  • Is There Ever a Bad Time to Invest in Real Estate?

As said, the potential for creating new, interesting and original topics is more or less limitless. As long as they relate to the world of finance and of business and they are written in good English then it’s all fine by me. Let a hundred flowers bloom, as somebody once said.

Submitting Your Post

You have made up your mind that want to write and publish your post here.  So, first decide what you want to write about. If it helps, take a look through the blog as it stands and see what is here already. Remember that new information adds value.

Then, when you are ready, compose your story. Make sure it is fresh – please don’t submit duplicate content as that will work against both of us. I reserve the right to refuse material if I think it is rehashed from something which is already out there.

Finally, when you have written your piece and have checked it thoroughly for mistakes please send it to me at, or simply use the form below. If you are looking to grow your business, make sure you include enough information to enable visitors to find your own website should they wish to pay it a visit.

Once you have done all this, all that is left to do is to sit back and enjoy all the extra traffic.

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