I have big plans for this blog. As a resource for sharing information about finance, property and success in business management it can only become more popular over time, both with first-time visitors and with those returning to see updates and to offer up their own views on all the important issues that it covers.

There are a whole bunch of reasons for building a website such as this. Host and guests alike can use it to gain new clients, and to sell products and services. From my point of view, I make no secret of the fact that I intend it to be a vehicle through which to offer my paid consulting services as well as to sell advertising space.

Of course, nobody is going to buy advertising space from me unless the site is getting sufficient visits to make the investment worth their while. No-one can afford to throw good money after bad. So we all have an interest in this website getting more hits and reaching out to an ever wider audience.

A Niche Site

Fortunately that is already starting to happen. My stats are out there for everyone to see, and my fee for advertising will always reflect the number of visits that are anticipated based on all the latest available figures. What’s more, as this is a niche site all your ads will be seen by those with a specific interest in your line of product. Plus the interactive nature of the blog, with readers’ contributions actively encouraged, will always keep it fresh and interesting.

So if you’d like to advertise here, taking advantage of this website’s rapid growth and its specific focus on your area of business, why not get in touch? You can contact me at, or simply fill out the contact form below.

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